High flow waterpump 996 986

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High flow cooling water pump for the M96 Engines until 2005. Extra help in preventing cilinder damage due to cooling temperature fluctuations.
The main problem of the big volume cooling system of the 996, 997 and boxster/cayman engines is high fluctuations of temperature along the cooling system.
From cold water from the radiators entering your engine, to very hot water at cilinder bank 2 (cilinders 4, 5 and 6).

Making the coolant flow faster is one of the nescasary solutions to even the temperatures along the whole system.

Note: A shorter serpentine belt is nescasay.
Please chose below to order with or without this belt.
The extra short belt is for the high flow pump in combination with a -27% underdrive crankshaft pulley.

(Prijs excl. btw)
Incl. serpentine belt
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High flow waterpump 996 986

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