LN-Engineering IMS Ball-bearing

IMS Bearing kit from LN-Engineering
Comes with flange, bolts, center nut and sealing.

Available in 2 versions:
- 1997-2001 - dual row
- 2001-2005 - single row pro (dual row ball bearing, requires special installation equipment)
Please select your required version and model-year below.

During the years 2000-2001-2002 both dual and single row models are possible. So always check your original bearing before ordering.
After 2005 and if your car received a new engine from Porsche you usually have the lager single row version (2005-2009).

Make sure this bearig kit is installed by an experienced professional and with use of the special tools designed for this procedure.
Faulty installation can result in damage to the intermediate shaft or even an catastropic engine failure.

Additional serviceset includes:
- 2x camshaft cover
- 2x aluminium ring for chain tensioner
- 2x o-ring for chain tensioner

(Prijs excl. btw)
IMS Model
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LN-Engineering IMS Ball-bearing

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