Toolkit for IMS replacement RENT

Artikelnr: GB16015

Toolkit for extraction of old bearing and placement of new.
Suitable for 'double row' (1997-2001) and 'single row small' (2001-2005) bearings.
Kit includes:

    1x Crankshaft TDC pin
    1x Camshaft TDC blocking plate (5-chain engine)
    1x Camchaft TDC blocking plate (3-chain engine)
    1x Extraction/pulling tool
    1x Inside bearing puller (for situations with broken central shaft)
    1x Bearing insertion aliminum press tool

Note: this set does not apply for 'large single row' bearing (2005-2009).
Additional tool for this bearing can be ordered.

Pricing and security deposit:
After we receive back the toolkit in good order the 'security deposit' will be refunded.
If the toolkit is damaged we will deduct the cost of damage from the deposit.

  • Rental price:           E 65.00 excl. vat
  • Security deposit:   E 130.00 excl. vat
  • Total payment:      E 195.00 excl. vat
(Prijs excl. btw)

Security Deposit

  • Security Deposit excl. VAT + €130,00
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Toolkit for IMS replacement RENT

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